Why should I become a member of the Amcham Board?

I want to become a member of the Board because I love triggering change and know how to.

Why should I become a member?

Last year my company worked on a project with AmCham. This helped me realize how committed I was to supporting the Chamber’s agenda. Now I know how to accelerate the speed of achieving Chamber goals. Now I know that my role is not only limited to drinking AmCham wine during nice events.

Rule of law, education and start-ups are indeed important. Yet there’s one more thing of note. Business in Bulgaria is not trusted and respected for the livelihood it provides. My vision is that AmCham should not only support responsible business behavior, it should seek to regain the trust in the inherent value of business. The value of economic prosperity.

Why should I become a member?

I have the energy and know-how to drive the change to a resilient society not only through my company but also with AmCham. I see my role in the board. I want to streamline decision-making and align it with the Chamber’s mission and vision. I want to increase AmCham’s external impact by improving its internal organization.

Many know how to plan – I know how to get results. I know how to select the three most important issues out of many and to focus on them. This is how the Chamber will amplify its impact.

People told me you won’t make it in these elections from the first time. Please, show me people were wrong.

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